One of the hardest parts of traveling is the tole it takes on your body. Always being on the move, new food, lots of alcohol, bad sleep and much more. Our bodies are all different so it's going to affect you differently while traveling just like it does when your at home.

Do you pass up on going to the bar with new friends or going to eat that local greasy food? These are tough decisions to make and I am here to tell you NO never pass up hanging with new friends or trying local food, those are the reasons we travel and the experiences we will always remember.

There isn’t just one secret to staying fit and healthy while traveling. This requires some hard work and just being smart with decisions just like everything in life.

Great news though, it's actually easier than you think!

The best part is your body doesn’t require as much workouts as it would if you were at home. The reason for this is you are always on the move while traveling so you're burning more calories. I personally know I eat much less while traveling than when home as I am always on the move.

Ok, so here we go! These are all things I do to stay fit while traveling and just remember our bodies are different so some might work for you but some might not. Trial and error is the only way you will learn!

Water Not Alcohol

I know this is the last thing you wanted to see when traveling. It is probably the toughest one for us all and thats why I put it first. Alcohol is empty calories and is broken down into acetate which your body thrives on. So when you drink your body will thrive on the alcohol instead of the excess fat you want to burn off. I am not saying don’t drink at all because lets be honest thats just not going to happen but what I am saying is the best method is moderation. I try to stick with 2 nights out a week of drinking and pick your alcohol wisely. Remember you can always go out and not drink alcohol, I do this all the time!

Stay Hydrated

No matter what you're doing or where you are in this world, staying hydrated is going to help you in so many ways. Our bodies are 60% water lets keep it that way so our body functions correctly. Water is going to help control calories as it tricks your body into thinking you are full which in the end you lose weight/fat. Other benefits include energized muscles, better skin, healthy kidneys, normal bowel function (sorry had to say it), delivers oxygen throughout the body, boosts performance during exercise (yes all exercises) and much more. Have some water as you read this, I just did while I wrote it.

Eat Fairly Healthy

This is something anyone can do while traveling and will definitely help with staying fit. When you are looking at a menu think about what is healthy, is it greasy, fried or does it have vegetables and grilled option. My goal everyday is to eat 3 meals which 2 of them are healthy and 1 is whatever I want which still tends to be on the healthy side. Once in awhile I even add a dessert, ok a lot of times I do!

Walk Walk Walk

This is so easy to do while traveling, I think on average I walk around 15 miles a day in most cities some as high as 30 miles. You are in the city to explore and see it so why not walk and see more of it? Yes, some cities like Chicago, Paris, Bangkok, etc are just way too big to walk everything so public transportation is a good option. But walk as much as you can, your body thanks you.


As I said earlier its easier to do a lot of these things when traveling and sweating is just one of those reasons. Go travel in Asia and see how much you sweat in just a normal day, I'm not talking working out. I tend to rewear clothes for at least 2 days before washing them when traveling but most times in Asia this just isn’t possible as you sweat so much. I can workout in a gym at home and have an awesome workout but barely sweat. So crazy how much that changes when traveling. Just another reason to stay hydrated and drink that water.

Intermittent Fasting

This is something I started about a year and half ago and what a change it makes in your daily routine in life not just traveling. Basically, intermittent fasting is when you eat for a certain period of time and you fast for the rest. I stick to eating all my meals within 10 hours and fast for 14 hours. But do the research and try different things to see what best fits for you, maybe its 8/16 or 12/12. To be clear anything but water starts that clock so if you have a tea or coffee in the morning your clock has started.

This type of eating habit will help burn excess fat especially those stubborn ones. You can even add some fasted cardio in which will burn even more fat.

Ok time to get into the fun stuff, what exercises are great while traveling!


I will be the first to say I HATE CARDIO but when traveling this is a great option. The best part about cardio is its free and we all love free stuff. Running is going to increase your cardiovascular strength (mine sucks) along with toning your body.

Depending on where you are traveling try and pick a fun spot so the run isn’t boring. My favorite is running barefoot on the beach just enjoying the view and yes I'm talking about the ocean views also not just the girls in bikinis.

Bonus tip: As I said I suck at running, I get winded super fast so do some interval training. I always start with a brisk walk to a job to a sprint and then im dead so I need to stop at that point I get down and do some pushups or core exercises and then start over again with walk, jog, sprint, exercise. Try it out, see what options you can come up within your surroundings for exercises.

Body Weight Exercises

We cant always have a gym convenient so lets talk about some great body weight exercises. Body weight circuits work amazing as it uses multiple muscle groups, gets your heart rate pumping and burns tons of calories.

Here is a nice sample:

  • 20 bodyweight squats
  • 10 push ups
  • 20 walking lunges (10ea leg)
  • 30sec plank
  • 30 jumping jacks

Do 3-4 rounds of this and you will be feeling amazing. Depending on what level you are change these numbers up to push yourself and get better. That is just one great sample workout but get creative and feel free to message me for other ideas, I have plenty!

Stay Active

Where are you traveling in the world right now? What do they have that you can do to stay fit? Every City has something if it's a hike, ocean/pool to swim in, bike to ride, some physical sports like surfing or rock climbing and so much more! Go enjoy the beautiful place and burn some fat!


YEAAA you are so excited yet confused on why I put this in here. Going out and dancing is an amazing exercise, just wait until the next day and see how sore you are! You are going to dance the night away and sweat that fat right off. Not into dancing well I did say you can have some alcohol so be moderate and then get out and dance. Just remember nobody cares how bad you are, you are doing it and having fun. I am a horrible dancer but it wont stop me from getting out on the dance floor and showing off what my momma gave me!


Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Your body needs sleep to build your energy back up that way you can go do more activities, yes soooo many activities. Plus you burn calories when sleeping so go get some sleep and burn those calories.

Remember in the end you need to pick your battles, nobody is perfect! Enjoy your travels but lets stay fit so we can do even more activities! As always feel free to message me with any questions you might have!

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