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Where investing in yourself means developing yourself personally, making healthy lifestyle choices, growing networks with likeminded people, reconnecting with the best version of you, and taking yourself on an adventure. Your journey of a lifetime starts here!



Our team is going to plan the best 7 day retreat for you in gorgeous Bali, Indonesia! We will be working directly with the host and our local team to plan the itinerary. This will be the best investment in yourself in a long time.


We have partnered up with some of your favorite hosts to have a jam packed retreat in a specific niche picked by the host. Fitness, yoga, photography, martial arts, personal development, business, meditation and more!


You are going to have an activity each day to learn and grow as a person in the influencers niche. During these activities you will be challenged but empowered by a like minded crew. Oasis by Where NeXt? is the perfect retreat complex to learn everything at.


Get ready to experience the beauty of Bali, Indonesia and trust us, we only pick the best spots! From waterfalls, rice terraces, volcanoes, cliff jumping, surfing and more! Based on which retreat you are attending you can be certain that we planned it perfectly for you!


3 fresh, healthy & delicious meals will be provided. Our food will vary on each retreat, but typically you get a breakfast at our Oasis, local lunch while exploring & lastly experience some of the cities hand picked local restaurants for dinner. Vegan options available.


As a legal retreat company, we will provide everything for you at the highest possible standard - from accomodations at Oasis by Where NeXt?, food, organized activities & more. We are going to do this all while being eco friendly, we pride ourselves in leaving our destinations better than when we arrived. With all costs included in your trip & everything planned out you have a stress free retreat coming your way. *Flights not included*



The most transformative, incredible experience. Feeling very full of love and connected to this beautiful group. Oasis is INCREDIBLE and I felt like everything I needed was here. I felt so safe, and very well looked after. Shayelle and Danni and just the most joyful souls full of absolute sunshine. Barry and Anindya and the rest of the where next and oasis team are absolute angels. Couldn’t have asked for a better team to fasciliate this incredible experience. I was so nervous and unsure coming into it and this was the most incredible week of my life. So from the bottom of my heart thank you ❤️


Thank you thank you thank you! This was such a fun filled retreat that made the long travel time so worth it. I was mainly excited for the yoga but I got so much out of all the exercises, surfing, and mindfulness practices. It certainly helped that we had such an amazing crew but you guys truly put a lot of thought into this and I was so grateful for all the care when I was not feeling well. If you’re ever in Seattle you have a place to stay and Jordan and I will be happy to show you some of the best spots. Thank you ❤️


Amazing experience. All the staff was amazing. The attention to detail and personal connections from the staff was above and beyond. I felt truly cared about from everyone. The sustainability as a priority is outstanding too. There isn’t anything I would have changed about this experience


Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!! They were very warm, professional and classy!!!! The food was delicious!!! Everything was clean!!!! They were quick to jump on any issues… And they made sure we were well taken care of AND that we had a great time!!!! The best part was if chilling by the pool was a great time for us, they made sure it was relaxing. If going to a party was a great time for us, they made that fun!! If praying in the holy water at the temple was a great time, they made that happen!!! I look forward to coming back. Oasis… I just want to say Terima kaseh♥️ (That means thank you!)


The team that looks after you are just amazing and caring. Right from the airport pickup through to drop off every contact is thoughtful and encouraging. The team all have their own specialities and every possible option is provided to ensure you have the best possible health experience.
Whole package was exceptional. I met many new friends and can't wait to be back for another retreat!

Nicki and Will

This was my first time on a retreat and I am already excited to go on the next one. I have been training with Nathan for a couple years now and when he told me about a fitness retreat in Bali he was doing I knew I had to go. I wish I would have extended my trip longer as I didn't want to leave Bali. Cant wait to go on the next one!