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Alexander Saper

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Bali, Indonesia


Scottsdale, AZ




Why do you love Bali?Since the first time I visited Bali back in 2017, it just felt like home. The Balinese people are so warm and friendly, and the foreigners who live here have created an incredible inspiring & collaborative community. I love that in just a couple of hours drive, I can visit the lush Bali jungle, hike to the top of a volcano, sunbathe on the white sand beaches down south in the Bukit, or dive shipwrecks up north in Amed. Plus, you can find the most incredible food, ranging from clean healthy vegan options at affordably-priced cafes, to high-end gastronomic experiences by world-renowned chefs and mixologists. But as for my day-to-day: getting to surf my favorite wave just a minute from my house, work at cafes alongside my entrepreneurial friends as we build businesses we love, grab coconuts at the beach for sunset, and share delicious meals with the people I love… it really is paradise for me.

Biggest goal you’ve achieved?I don’t think I have one biggest goals as they were all so significant to me at the time! Leaving my corporate law career back in 2018 & building a successful travel content creation/influencer business from scratch (including starting out with zero tech, photography, or business skills) that allowed me to travel to some of the most beautiful places & hotels in the world was a huge achievement. Also recently launching my first online course, The Femme-Powerment Academy, that allows me to connect with and support women all over the world as they level-up their lives & go after their dreams.

What advice would you give your younger self?Stop pretending to be someone you’re not. Stop hiding or ignoring or judging all those little things about yourself that you think aren’t good enough. Your authenticity is your greatest superpower & your best filter, and it is the key to your truest highest success in relationships, business, and life.

Why do you love to travel?Understanding how people live so differently across the globe, while still sharing in so many of the same human experiences, is both inspiring & humbling. There is no feeling like stepping off a plane into new territory, where every experience that follows is uncertain, unpredictable, and filled with possibility — from the epic sunset viewpoints I’ll stumble upon, to the local foods that blow my mind, to the people I meet along the way who become the best tour guides or life-long friends, to the spontaneous adventures… even the many challenges & travel mishaps I’ve faced along the way become such powerful growth experiences and lessons in “How To Figure Anything Out,” not to mention pretty good stories to tell later.

Favorite cheat meal?I don’t believe in cheat meals! I eat what I want, when my body wants it. Since moving to Bali I’ve naturally moved to a more plant-based diet, and my body honestly craves super nourishing, clean, healthy foods. I’d much prefer sushi or a big vegan Buddha bowl over anything artificial or fried. But some of my favorite indulgences here are the Stracciatella pizza from Arte, the vegan jackfruit burrito from Lola’s, the truffle cheese toast from Seseh General Store, or any chocolate lava cake.

Favorite hobby?Traveling (obviously), photography (anything from taking travel photos to modeling with creative photographers), singing, and surfing!